Story Line

An expository, social justice feature documentary, the Vision Forward Media team interviewed almost 100 individuals who were experiencing being unhoused, had been unhoused, or worked with the currently unhoused to feature the perils and pitfalls of what life is like as an unhoused individual. From being lit on fire by a group of rich white teenagers one night to having a limb amputated due to gangrene, Chris provides his, and others provide their harrowing stories which will hopefully help the viewer depict those who are currently unhoused in a different light. Our primary goal is to raise awareness to this ever growing population by sharing the stories of those who are currently homeless and their struggles. The most marginalized and downtrodden of our society, the currently homeless are people too. Our goal is to help our viewers have a more thorough understanding of how they became unhoused and what we can do to help these individuals.