Story Line

Eva and her family want nothing more than to live a free life, with a yearning for their own American dream. As the American troops arrive in Iraq, Eva’s family has been killed, but she is saved by a U.S. Soldier, Francis King. Before King runs back into battle, he leaves Eva with his cross, his initials F.P.K. inscribed on the back. At only ten years old, Eva is alone. Eva’s journey has just begun as she moves to the United States, to live with her Uncle. Eva has aspirations of being an artist, but she is consumed with finding King and returning the cross to him. While working on the play, Eva meets Vince, who shares the same passion for the arts as Eva and a connection forms between them. Vince offers to help Eva find King, which they do. But things don’t turn out exactly how she imagined. Follow Eva on this journey as she pursues her very own, American dream.